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“...exposure to arts and culture in the work environment contributes to developing reflexive and innovative labor processes.”
- John A. Bratton and W.F. Garrett-Petts, Thompson Rivers University

Bringing the Essence of Art to the Workplace

Studies suggest that “the arts” play a significant role in encouraging employment growth, creating a more pleasant and productive workplace environment, increasing brand awareness and equity, and help with the healing process for healthcare professionals and patients.

The Art Partnership is an exclusive art consulting firm providing corporate office art and art for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. We collaborate with our clients, interior designers and corporate architects to create an art experience that positively enhances the corporate or healthcare setting.

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Weaving Art Into Business

The Art Partnership is the Philadelphia area’s leading art consulting service for corporate, health care and hospitality industry environments.

Environmental Branding

Our process of transforming a business or institution into a three-dimensional marketing tool.
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